The Mega Moolah Jackpot: Holy Cow Is It a Big One!

Mega Moolah: Holy cow, it's big!

As this is being written the Mega Moolah Jackpot is over six million dollars. Imagine what you could do with that! For online casino patrons, jackpots like this are a gambler’s dream and it only takes one lucky spin to win them. When it comes down to playing online, why spend your money anywhere but where you have a chance at money like that? These jackpots are becoming more and more common at many online casinos and people are flocking to these websites in hopes of hitting the big one.

How do you find these jackpots? You can search through some of the online casinos and see what they offer. You can also look for websites that are specifically tailored to providing all the big jackpot information, like or This is probably your best bet, as it gives you all of the information in one place. Why play somewhere that you can’t win millions at?  Take your money to the casinos that give you the chance to completely change your life.

Sometimes called the Millionaire Maker, Mega Moolah is one of the best online slots titles to play if you want to get a chance to win a huge jackpot. You can play Mega Moolah today at Grand Mondial Casino Canada

What makes Mega Moolah special is the fact that it has not one but four jackpots. The jackpot everyone really wants to win is the Mega Jackpot, which is a progressive jackpot that starts at $1 million and just keeps on growing until someone playing in a Mega Moolah partner casino wins it. The Major Jackpot of $10,000 isn't quite as impressive, but it's certainly not anything to sneeze at! The Minor and the Mini Jackpots don't pay much, but they pay more often and give you the thrill of winning a genuine slots jackpot! All four of the Mega Moolah jackpots can be one in a single spin on the Jackpot Wheel in the bonus game.

When you're not stalking jackpots, Mega Moolah offers plenty of colorful graphics and fast-paces slots action to keep you entertained. Keep an eye out for the Scatter Monkeys, the Wild Lions, and other creatures of the African Savannah that are featured as symbols on the reels. Mega Moolah features 5 reels and 25 paylines for tons of winning combinations. Earn Free Spins and triple your winnings when you use those spins in the bonus game!

Mega Moolah allows you to set the coin size at $0.01 or $0.05 and best up to 125 coins per spin. So you can bet a little or a lot and still get access to four awesome jackpots!